Common Attributes of our Clients

  • Share and appreciate our values – holistic, integrity, research-based, cutting-edge, progressive, sustainable, tech-savvy, mobile

  • Understand the need for collaboration

  • Value the perspective of an expert

  • Are comfortable delegating

Who we Serve

Small Business Owner

Small business owners seek advice that integrates their personal and business affairs. You want to make the most of opportunities available to you as a business owner, improve cash flow, reduce taxes and transfer or reduce liability. We work with your book-keeper/financial controller, CPA, insurance agent and benefit providers to accomplish this.


  • Solo and up to 50 employees
  • More than $200,000 in recurring net income
  • Industries served include professional services, environmental services, creative design, manufacturing and retail


  • Concerned with reducing taxes, maximizing employee benefits, reducing liability exposure, improving cash flow, business buy/sell agreements, retaining key employees and exit planning.
Individuals & Families

You have specific needs that deserve an approach designed for your unique situation. At Arete Wealth Strategists, we have created an approach to wealth management that addresses your unique needs. From financial planning, investment management and life/disability insurance services, we give you the confidence that allows you to pursue that which is most important to you.


  • Progressive, forward-thinking individuals and families concerned with securing, simplifying and making the most of their financial futures.


  • Financial planning, Retirement income planning, college planning, life insurance