Arete Wealth Strategists offers two distinct services:


We seek to create deep relationships with our clients and work together over the long term as life and plans change. We work with clients and other professional advisors to model various scenarios as life unfolds.

Arete - Financial Planning

The two distinctive features of our financial planning process are the emphasis on cash flow and risk management.

Some of the topics we may cover in our work together include:

  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax analysis
  • College planning
  • Estate planning & wealth transfer
  • Debt reduction analysis
  • Risk management analysis

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Our investment strategy can be broadly described as a core and satellite approach. Globally diversified stock and bond holdings comprise the majority of each portfolio. The satellites consist of alternative investments designed to enhance the overall risk/return ratio.

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We believe that the appropriate use of active and passive management are key differentiators of our process. In developed economies we seek low-cost passive/index investment vehicles and in inefficient markets, where talented managers can produce returns in excess of their benchmarks, we use the best active management our research has identified.

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