Is Areté Wealth Strategists, LLC the right firm for you?

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Our goal for this process is to demonstrate, in plain English, how we can serve you in helping you make the most out of your life with the wealth you have and how we bring strategy, structure, clarity, confidence and compliance to an otherwise confusing, complicated, and intimidating subject: money.


We want to help you make an informed and educated decision about working together so you can see exactly how we can serve you before you agree to pay us a penny.

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Fit?

We deliver the greatest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. Our typical clients are:

1 - Professionals and business owners over age 35 with assets and financial concerns in the US.

2 - Diligent savers who have accumulated investment (Excl real estate) & retirement assets of at least $200K with an annual income of at least $300K (family) / $150K (single).

3 - People who want to partner on their planning and delegate their investment management to an expert so they can spend time on things that matter most to them.

Our Step by Step

Prospective Client Process

Introductory Phone Call - 15 mins


Before committing your time or ours, we shall have a 15-minute introductory phone call. This call gives us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. In the call, we'll be seeking a basic understanding of your financial situation and what it is prompting you to seek advice at this time.

If we find there isn't great fit, we’ll gladly introduce you to a firm or resource who is better suited to your needs.


Initial Financial Questionnaire - 15 - 20 mins

"Prescription prior to diagnosis is malpractice"

Following our introductory phone call, we shall send you a questionnaire to get a more accurate sense of your financial life, priorities, challenges, and circumstances.

Fit Meeting #1 - 45 mins

This is a complimentary, 45 min meeting to affirm our understanding of your situation and ask any clarifying questions. We shall tell you more about the firm and who we do our best work with. We shall review with you our mission, set expectations and briefly introduce the Wealth Summit Pathway. Lastly, we shall provide an overview of our services, technology, and make a recommendation as to service package we believe best fits your needs.


Follow-up Questionnaire & Document Upload - 15 - 20 mins


Following the first Fit Meeting, we shall send you a follow-up questionnaire to do with your values, goals, hopes and dreams. We'll also provide a secure link to upload your account statements and tax return to assist us in putting together the deliverables for review in Fit Meeting #2.

Assessment and Preparation

Your answers to our intake questions, along with the documents we have requested, will help guide our analysis, which will result in plain-English answers to a number of critical questions.

We will apply over a decade of experience, thousands of hours of training, studying, and mentoring by the profession’s top experts, and expertise as a CFP® Professional and Accredited Investment Fiduciary to answer the financial questions and concerns you identified and outlined for us in Step 

Fit Meeting #2 - 90 mins

We deliver massive value in this 90-minute meeting as we review a range of topics.

We shall review:

  • A one-page Financial Plan with high-level recommendations.

  • A Client Investment Plan presenting the list of accounts, the opening balance, ongoing contributions, & the institution where we recommend opening or consolidating the account to best meet your goals.

  • A tax analysis

  • Our investment philosophy presentation and our approach to portfolio implementation.

At the conclusion of this meeting we'll invite you to become a client.

Sleep on it


Being respectful of The Pillow Factor

Having been in this profession for more than 10 years, we are in no rush for clients to make a decision. Prior to deciding if we should work together, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I like/trust/respect the team at AWS?

  2. Will the benefits they provide exceed the fee I’ll pay?

  3. Do their recommendations make sense to me?

If a smile comes across your face, we call that having a high pillow factor—meaning you can sleep comfortably knowing you have someone who’s genuinely and authentically committed to serving you well.

Schedule Your 15-minute fit call.

This phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation
matches our expertise.

Still Have Questions? Keep Reading…

How does Areté Wealth Strategists make money?

We are a fee-only (a.k.a. commission-free) cross-border financial planning firm. We offer clients a number of different service packages depending on your needs. Our fees are transparent and appear as a line item on every statement.

Some financial advisors are commission-based, which may cause fees to be hidden or create conflicts of interest. Not Areté Wealth Strategists.​

Do you offer an hourly or one-time project fee option?

We do our best work with people looking for a long-term relationship. If you need help locating a financial planner who offers these fee options, send us a note and we will do our best to get you in the right hands.

How are you different from other financial advisors?

There are three really important things about our firm that separate us from others:

1. We're the only US registered cross-border financial advisory firm specializing in the needs of Americans living in Australia and Australians living in the US.

2. We limit the number of engagements we accept and only work with clients who are in alignment with our philosophy.

3. We invest in industry-leading technology to simplify our clients’ financial lives.

Why should I consider hiring Arete Wealth Strategists?

Great question! But first, let us explain why you shouldn’t hire us.

If you’re looking for an advisor who will trade stocks to “beat the market,” you’re in the wrong place. Why? Because we focus on what you can control and build robust plans for those things we can't control. Predicting if the stock market will go up or down, or guessing what interest rates will do next, are not things you, nor anyone, can control.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of opportunities available to you, lowering your tax bill, investing smarter, and creating a successful cross-border financial life, you’re in the right place.

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