Fee Schedule

1. Wealth Fusion (Financial Planning + Investment Management)

For clients with $500,000 or more in Assets Under Management, we offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management together in a service we call ‘Wealth Fusion.’

2. Advice Only Engagements*

The primary determinant of a quoted fee is the complexity of a client’s financial life. Relevant factors include:

  • Number and diversity of income sources and investment holdings

  • Size and location of assets

  • Business Interests

  • Other special situations (refinancing, large inheritance etc.)

  • Your legal and tax residency


We provide advice only engagements in one of two ways:

  1. Annual Service Package: Fees range from $350 - $875 per month.

  2. Hourly: $325 an hour. Available only to clients who have completed a subscription or project engagement.

*An advice only engagement does not involve detailed investment specific recommendations. Investment management advice is generally limited to funding levels and appropriate asset allocation. If you’re seeking more detailed and specific investment advice, we recommend reviewing our investment management services.

3. Private Client Investment Management

We provide ongoing investment management in an effort to beat market returns while taking into account your goals, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, and other factors. The fee schedule below applies:

4. Portfolio Consult (One time)

For a one-time fee, we provide detailed investment-specific portfolio recommendations that take into account your goals, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, and other factors. This service does not provide ongoing management or portfolio communication. There is no expectation of ongoing portfolio updates. Clients may choose to engage this service subsequently.

​5. Retirement Plan Setup and Consulting

We can help you choose, design and manage the right retirement plan for your business. Setup fees only apply to the account types listed below where there are additional design considerations and compliance requirements (i.e. there is no separate setup fee for individual plans such as Traditional or Roth IRAs).

401(K) plans

  • Solo 401(K) plans - Setup fee of $450

  • 401(K) plans with multiple participants - Setup fee of $575 + $25/participant


  • Set-up fee of $450 + $25/participant

Cash Balance and Defined Benefit Plans

  • With AMS investment management, no additional charge applies; otherwise, a $225/hour rate applies.

​6. Company 401(K) Investment Management 

For an ongoing management fee, we provide participant education and assume 3(38) fiduciary investment management responsibilities for your company’s 401(K) plan.